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I’m on a journey to heal myself from intergenerational trauma, living in a society that's tearing itself apart, and finding love for my soul.

These are a series are letters on my story, my own healing efforts, and building a community of others that want to walk this path.

Chubbicorn80, or just 80, is my pen name. Who I am IRL is less important because that person is the mask. 80 is me. You are 80.


NFA, DYOR - I am not a therapist, I am not a medical professional. These are stories of my own personal experiences and experimentation. Not everything shared here may be legal within your jurisdiction. Please use your own judgement in what works for you.

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Adult child of refugees, on a healing journey in Web3. Focused on healing intergenerational traumas, spiritual growth, biohacking, and embracing tech.


Gm, I'm Chubbicorn80, or just 80. I started my healing journey at the beginning of the pandemic and now I'm finding myself, after uncovering intergenerational trauma. Follow long to learn about my journey.